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Tailored Parenting Coach (TPC) and counseling specifically for YOU

There’s no magic course or plan that suits everybody. We’re all different from one another in so many ways. That’s why my exclusive TPC services are tailored specifically to you, and the issues that you would like addressed.

To ensure that every client is afforded the focus and attention needed to help them, I only make my services available to a select few at any time. I prefer to deliver quality over quantity when it comes to my TPC offerings and to do that, I need to spend enough time with clients to understand their family needs, values, and goals. Only then can I get to work on helping you achieve your aims.

I can help with a myriad of different concerns you might have but let me run you through just a handful of the issues I’ve successfully helped my clients with.

Parents struggling to connect with their children

Communication is critical in many aspects of parenting. It doesn’t matter what age your children are, be they toddlers to fully grown adults, not having a relationship with them can be detrimental to both parent and child alike. You may think that it’s too late to reconnect with your son or daughter, but with my expertly trained guidance, I will help you to take the first steps in building a relationship back with your child.

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This can be a particular problem for busy, professional parents who struggle to devote enough time to their children owing to their hectic schedules. Stress and feelings of guilt can be difficult to navigate, but real solutions from a medically trained professional can help you to take steps in the right direction.

Empower children dealing with bullies

Protecting your child is your responsibility as a parent. But bullies congregate in places where adults aren’t, this can be in school hallways, restrooms, the internet and playground areas, etc. Empowering children to deal with Bullies and giving them defense mechanisms to use when uncertainty arises might be the best thing you can do for your child. When we strive to give assurance and comfort, we are impeding children’s ability to build their own problem-solving and mastery.

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The parent’s role is not to be present for their children all of the time but It is to educate them on how to deal with uncertainty and solve problems they are faced with, unknown or difficult situations.

Struggling to make or keep friends

Childhood can be a daunting time for kids, and at times when there’s no parent to lean on, friends play a huge part in helping kids to navigate the stresses and strains of school and growing up.

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Without a network of friends, children can become reclusive and unhappy. With my professional help, I can set your child on the path to flourish socially and look forward to sharing moments with their peers.

This isn’t necessarily a problem reserved for children either. Many adults can struggle to make friends when moving to a new town, for instance. Get in touch to see how professional guidance can help.

Learning how to handle disagreements autonomously is an essential milestone for children, and via teachable moments, parents and educators may assist their children in developing these abilities with the right tools.

Reaching older children in danger of experimenting with drugs/sex/drinking/smoking

Once puberty hits, teenagers go through a particularly turbulent time of bridging childhood and adulthood. As a result, some struggle with finding their own identity, and may be tempted to join in activities with their peers that can be dangerous to their health.

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The problem is that around this age, many teenagers can see their parents as ‘out of touch’, or their attempts at protecting them as being unfairly restrictive. Don’t give up on getting through to your teen though. I can help you navigate through this situation.

Building confidence

Confidence is one of those things that you only really notice when it’s not there. The absence of confidence can be debilitating for adults and children, and whilst a degree of self-awareness can be healthy, too much can stop us from leading the rich and full lives that we deserve. There are many ways to grow self-belief, and I’m confident that with expert psychological advice, I can restore your confident side too!

Model Safe, Responsible Use of the internet and gadgets

The internet and Digital gadgets are ubiquitous, and children have easy access to them. Your children may be more adept at using a smartphone or tablet than you are. But what kids require from you is guidance on how to utilize gadgets safely. With my TPC I will support you navigate through this process with your child.

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When it comes to the Internet, creating open communication Helps your child comprehend what they should read, listen to, and watch even out of your present. I will give you the micro-skills and techniques to help your child make smart health decisions for themselves when it comes to the internet.

Someone to listen

As a registered mental health counsellor, I can also just give you the time and space to talk over anything that might be bothering you. Perhaps it’s something that you don’t feel comfortable talking to others about, or maybe you don’t have anybody to speak to. Either way, I can help you to process and deal with anything that’s on your mind. 

What changes can you expect?

Positive changes can sometimes be obvious very quickly. This is often caused by the constructive effect of affording extra attention to the issue. Real and long-term positive behaviour change may take longer.

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Supporting children Open up and identify when to seek Mental Health support 


Even children have emotional ups and downs. That is why it is critical to assist youngsters in developing a foundation of excellent mental health to carry them through moments of anxiety or dread. 


Everything begins with open channels of communication. So, I will show you skills that you can use to discuss with your children the importance of noticing changes in their social and emotional well-being. This will create an atmosphere where they know they can rely on you when they’re down. Words of encouragement and praise from a loved one may be precisely what they need to feel better. 

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