Connect with your children

I work with parents of children of all ages.

Parenthood doesn’t end when your children hit adulthood either. I’ve helped numerous parents reconnect with estranged sons and daughters after all hope of a relationship initially seemed lost. You and your children don’t have to be so distant, and if it’s hurting you, chances are that it’s bothering them too. Get in touch with me to see how looking at the psychology of the issue can help you both.

As a parent, you bear a great deal of responsibility for the future of a human. Every facet of your child’s social, psychological, and emotional well-being is important.  Developing into excellent citizens who contribute positively to the community is not guaranteed. The frequent assumption is that it’s never too early to begin teaching children the importance of family values or moral standards, which are important in the later stages of their lives.

In truth, the roadmap to Parenting is bumpy and some Parents might need one-on-one support from a Profession who will equip you with necessary technique and skills to use while parenting necessary life skills. A Parent Coach will consolidate/ polish the Parenting skills you already have, hence the ability for your children to transition to adulthood much easier and smoother. The growing years are when you may make an unforgettable impact in your children life that will last a lifetime. A Parent Coach in such instructive situations provides a wonderful chance to establish moral values, ethical standards, and principles in children.

Examples of my strategies

“Many of our personality traits are inborn, according to experts, while others are influenced by our surroundings. If you have a youngster that is pessimistic rather than optimistic, you should first analyze your own attitude. The greatest effect on how youngsters view the world is exerted by their parents and caregivers”

“Do you tend to focus on the bad rather than the positive? Are you continually bringing up all of the negative things that happen to you at work rather than the positive aspects of your day? You may not even be aware that you are doing it, so observe your own attitude to see whether that is where your child is acquiring it”.

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