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Hi, I’m Rose! I became a Parent coach to help break the cycle of miscommunication between parent and child.

My Story

Over the course of working as a mental health counsellor for many years, I spoke to a number of children and adults whose circumstances could have been much different if they’d only had a strong relationship with their parents. The bond between parent and child is crucial to the wellbeing of both parties, and any breakdown in that relationship can cause repercussions that can still be felt long afterwards.

While I continue to help Individuals who have struggled with their relationships with their parents, it struck me that I could make even more of a difference by helping the parents themselves as a parent coach. By offering Parent coaching, and psychological and mental health counseling to parents before their relationships with their children become too strained, many of the issues and anguish I’ve helped over the years can be nipped in the bud before they have a chance to present themselves.

I know for a fact that Children adore their freedom. When they have the ability to make a decision, they feel powerful. As a result, It’s important to provide plenty of opportunities for them to learn how to make good lifestyle choices. You, as a Parent too, play an important role in this. This is due to the fact that youngsters seek their parents and mentors for guidance. And it’s critical to assist them to achieve success in many facets of their life. Bouncing off ideas from a Parent coach will provide an evidence-based approach and skills to best support them.

I’ve found that most parents are desperate to have a good relationship with their children, and just need a little help and support from a Parent Coach who can help them identify and build strategies to foster communication and relationship with their children. By understanding the evidence-based psychological aspects at play in these situations, I can formulate strategies to make it much easier to reach your children in a meaningful way.

Conflict resolution is not an intrinsic ability, and it is critical that children learn strategies to resolve conflicts with their peers so that they can do so effectively throughout their childhood and adulthood. To help with this, parents must model conflict resolution strategies so that children may learn from positive examples. Giving skills to Parents to identify Teachable moments, or unexpected opportunities to develop insight in youngsters, are excellent occasions to show good dispute resolution.

More about me

A focus on quality over quantity

To ensure that my sessions are as effective as possible, I limit myself to a small clientele base. This way, I can focus effectively focus on delivering up standard services to my clients, and make sure that you’re never feeling rushed or ‘just another face’ when we’re working towards finding a solution. The few clients I take on at any given time, are then able to really make the most of quality time with a trained professional.

Fully trained and registered Mental Health Counsellor in Australia

My years of experience are a huge aspect of how I’m able to help my exclusive group of clients with a wide range of different problems, but that experience is also backed up by many years of training and studying too.

Alongside my diploma in counselling, I am Currently studying a BA in social work, and am a fully registered mental health counsellor with the ACA (Australian Counselling Association). I’m delighted to be able to work alongside Victoria State Manager, Dr Milê Glamcevski PhD (Psy), M.Ed (Ed.Psy), M. Soc.Work (Qual), M.BA, who acts as both a mentor and Clinical supervisor making sure quality is not compromised.

Parenting made easy

There’s always difficulties involved with parenting any child, but for the most part, you should enjoy the experience. It’s my aim to try to bring some calm and happiness back to parents’ lives, as a happy parent is so much more beneficial to a child than someone who is tired and stressed.

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