Even children have emotional ups and downs. That is why it is critical to assist youngsters in developing a foundation of excellent mental health to carry them through moments of anxiety or dread.

Children should understand the importance of caring for both their brains and bodies. Worry, anxiety, despair, and fear are all normal stages of development. So, make it clear to your children that they may come to you if they are experiencing difficulties.

Emotional well-being promotes children to have good attitudes toward themselves and others. It will assist children in having happier connections. They will also be eager and interested in new experiences. Being emotionally healthy also helps children sleep well and do well in school.

Everything begins with open channels of communication. So, discuss with your children the importance of noticing changes in their social and emotional well-being. Make sure they know they can rely on you when they’re down. Words of encouragement and praise from a loved one may be precisely what they need to feel better.

Furthermore, general health is a large, interrelated puzzle. You may aid your child’s mental health by advising them on healthy eating and exercise habits. Healthy eating and regular exercise are two of the finest methods to keep your mind in good shape.

Model Safe, Responsible Use of Electronic Devices

Digital gadgets are ubiquitous, and children have easy access to them. Your children may be more adept at using a smartphone or tablet than you are. What kids require from you is guidance on how to utilize gadgets safely.

Families can keep their children safe online by monitoring mobile phone and tablet usage and sharing passwords. When it comes to the Internet, try to create open communication. Help your child comprehend what they should read, listen to, and watch. Inform them that they should be cautious and never reveal personal information online.

It’s also critical to keep track of how much time your children spend online. Make getting away from screens and computers a top priority. Off-screen activities encourage active play and creative thinking. By using these practices, your family will be able to avoid the disadvantages of a digital environment, such as poor sleep quality, unhealthy weight, and poor social skills.

By taking vacations from technology, you may teach your children to respect the boundaries you set around digital gadgets. Engage with youngsters one-on-one to demonstrate how much you love time away from your phone.

Find enjoyable offline things to do with your family. They’ll appreciate the one-on-one attention, and you’ll like knowing your children are forming a good relationship with technological gadgets.

Begin Now to Prepare Your Children for Success

Making healthy decisions is a valuable life skill that parents can instill in their children. Your example and instruction are sufficient to teach children how to make good decisions on their own. Teach your children how to make smart choices for themselves now to lead them to a healthy lifestyle.


Article by

Rose Milani,

Parent Coach and Registered Mental Health Counsellor

Based in Melbourne, Australia



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